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BOTW Interview: Junior Boys

If you didn’t know, our Band of the Week, Junior Boys, just released an amazing album, ‘It’s All True’. The album has Chinese influences as most of it was written during Jeremy Greenspan trip to Shanghai! The boys are now extremely busy on tour, lucky for us (and you) we caught up with them just long enough for them to answer a few questions about the new album, upcoming plans, and what’s next!

Planet Notion: How do you plan to do the live show considering that you used some traditional Chinese instruments on some tracks?

Junior Boys: We just play those on different instruments. It’s a shame; I’d love to do a show where we got some pipa players or something

PN:  We couldn’t help but notice as well that Jeremy Greenspan’s voice sounds a little matured on this record. Was that a conscious choice or is it part of a natural progression in your voice?

JB: No idea really. I definitely mixed the vocals louder, trying to ape rnb records. But as for matured, I’m older certainly, maybe a more confident singer…it’s hard to say.

PN: Did you have any ideas in China for the record that simply didn’t translate once you came back home to record?

JB: There is a whole song that we did with tons of Chinese instruments that hasn’t been finished yet….I’d love to finish it up. Also there was a ton of stuff we did for ‘kick the can’ that didn’t make it.

PN: I read you slept on the floor of the recording studio during making this album. Does that mean you got the album recorded in a few days?

JB: Haha….no not at all…it took over a year. I just completely barricaded myself in my studio and within about 100 feet of it when Ileft. It felt like hibernating. The studio is womblike, y’know.

PN: You said that when making this record you were thinking about R&B music. Where you listening to any genre specific albums/artist to help inspire you?

JB: I think the R&B thing was both that I was listening to a lot of music that had R&B elements. A lot of blue eyed soul-like Steely Dan. A lot of pre-disco soul dance music from people like Marvin Gaye. A lot of electro R&B like Shalamar and Imagination, and just a lot of current R&B stuff like Miguel, Jeremih etc. For me it was a way to legitimate making an album that wasn’t as consistently dancy….it had ballads, mid tempo tracks, stuff in 3/4 time etc

PN: You will be playing the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas night that Caribou are curating. Are you excited? How did that spot come about?

JB: Well it came about because Dan Snaith is one of my best friends, and has been nice enough to invite us. I’m very excited, but extremely nervous of the prospect of sharing a stage with Pharaoh Sanders.

PN: What’s in the future for Junior Boys?

JB: Not sure….I have some non- Junior Boys projects that I’m gonna focus on next year…after that….no idea.

Need more Junior Boys? Of course you do! There’s never enough, just look to their site!


-Stevie Pearce

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