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Down the Rabbit Hole, at Wilton’s

Fancy a ping pong tournament? A magic show? Or listening to a piano quartet? Or maybe a film about a housewife deciding to become a prostitute? Don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad, nor am I randomly naming activities. I’m actually talking about Wilton’s Anthropomorphic season, where all wonders and delights will appear.

Wilton’s, the world’s oldest surving music hall,is putting on an array of nights for your entertainment from now until the beginnign of September. From puppets to cabaret, the choices are endless, and are sure to tickle your fancy.

The ones I’m most looking forward to? The afore mentioned Ping-Pong tournament seems like something that shouldn’t be missed, if only to see 64 people playing ping-pong whilst a DJ spurs them on with some tracks. (i’m imagining classic-DJ lights here, too). On the 17th-19th August there will be larger than life puppets alongside dance and music interpretations of William Blake’s prophetic works. However, what I’m most looking forward to is the Cinema Club, which begins tomorrow at the launch with the 1967 classic Belle de Jour tomorrow evening.

Alongside all these exciting events is a cause. As the building  is semi-derelict, the money raised from these events will go towards helping to save it for generations to come. So show your support and come play ping pong, or sit and listen ,or watch, and most of all enjoy.

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-Emma Hoareau

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