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Hyperfrank: The Warning!

That dreadful line that echo’s around me constantly – which gets on my last tether – ‘Oh, isn’t it a great time for UK music at the moment?’ Let’s be honest, it’s always been a good time for British music. Whatever trend, genre or era, there’s always been some amazing talent at our near reach. Sadly, a lot of that creativity and listening bliss only drips through into popular mainstream press and the Top 40 chart. However, this monthly column is here to meet that demand. I, Laura Brosnan, do solemnly swear to do all the hard work for you, delivering you the most fresh and authentic talent that the UK has to offer!

Safari, a band from North Hertfordshire, caught my eye with their mellow, but vibrant, heartfelt blasts of electronic dark disco, with an underlying quirkiness of soft rock ‘n’ roll. With their enthusiasm for Genesis, to 90s dance and punk, this set them up for a trip of their own. This journey was packed full of zebra’s and wildebeests rather than the usual rock and roll drunken folk tales of TV’s out of windows and biting off the frets of a guitar with your front teeth, kind of dramatics. What sets them apart from the rest of the billions of bands out there is the concoction of different styles used to bring that unique edge. Their metal driven beats which lies so perfectly under an indie rock guitar riff, complimented with the house style synths, and not forgetting the smooth mod vocals.The band will be hitting up a lot of festivals this year and will be releasing their album late 2011. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The listening booth:


-’So I See’

With some critics naming Essex “a boil on the bum of the nation”, the county now has a reason to stand tall – in their white stiletto’s and Reebok classics, of course. Let me introduce to you, Dream Mclean. After learning of him through a friend and then becoming over powered by his three editions of his ‘Purple Promo’ compilation, I knew this wasn’t just any old dream for this young MC.


The best way I can describe the concept of Mclean’s music is in the form of ‘Jeckle’ and ‘Hyde’, or more like ‘Seckle’ and ‘Hype’ (calm and excited, for those not as down with the kids). It’s like one route of his catalogue is immersed in hip-hop, his delivery is tranquil and reflective, and then the other is out of this world. Forces of grime, dubstep and drum and bass exploding at the seams with lyrics delivered in a vicious tone of alcohol-fueled anger.

“It’s like a sunny afternoon in a beer garden meets a nuclear bomb,” explains Dream when asked about his two different musical directions. I’ve heard a lot on the good old grapevine about some very exciting high profile collaborations that will soon be hitting down our doors, but until then, we have a mixtape with DJ Cable and some great work with producer Regime, along with beautiful visuals from Deadcloud, to stay tuned for.

The listening booth:



-‘Coke and Vodka’


-Laura Hyperfrank Brosnan


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