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Clown & Sunset Special- Nicolas Jaar

This week on Planet Notion we’re running a special on the amazing label, Clown & Sunset. All week long we’re going to be taking a look at the artist from Clown & Sunset and what this new up-and-coming label has on offer.

Naturally, we felt it best to begin with the founder himself, Nicolas Jaar. We’ve completely fallen in love with Nicolas’ ‘slowed-down, sparse sound’ as we described it in Notion 50. We could give you some sort of rough introduction to the label, but why not have Nicolas say it himself:

“Clown & Sunset started as a side project. Now it takes up most of my time. I’ve realized that sharing other people’s music is as enjoyable as sharing my own. I’m excited to see where Valentin Stip,  Acid Pauli, Nikita Quasim and company will take the current Clown & Sunset sound in the future!”

We were able to get Nicolas to answer a few of our questions about his music, the label, and the future.

Planet Notion: How and why did you start C&S?

NJ: I started Clown & Sunset the day of my 19th birthday. I wanted to start putting out music that was both slower and more melancholic. Also, Soul and Nikita had sufficient material for us to have a couple of EPs together so the timing felt right.

PN: How would you describe the music that the label makes?

NJ: I think what Nikita, Soul, Acid Pauli (LP coming out in the fall) and even Valentin’s EP have in common is a sense of restraint in melodic and rhythmic terms – I think it’s very honest music they all make – they never try to overdo it.

PN: How would you say Clown & Sunset’s music fits into the electronic music scene?

NJ: It’s so young that I’m not sure where it stands – I try not to think in terms of scenes or genres.

PN: What are your hopes for developing the label?

NJ: To keep on putting out honest music and to change the way we give music to each other.

PN: What’s been exciting your eyes and ears the most in the last month?

NJ: Pink Floyd.

PN: Anyone you’d really like to collaborate with in future?

NJ: Yea, I’m excited to collaborate with ” ∆ ” aka my band (Dave Harrington, Ian Sims and Will Epstein)

PN: What can we expect from the label’s upcoming releases?

NJ: Hopefully a positive evolution of our past work! Acid Pauli, Iva Gocheva, and a new compilation called “don’t break my love” with a couple of new tracks of mine – the first I’ve done since the album.

As a cherry on top we also have a free download from Nicolas Jaar!

Nicolas Jaar- Encore

Jaar will be performing live at Fabric on Wednesday 27th (8pm – 1am) and Thursday 28th July (1opm – 4am), with Valentin Stip also performing live on both nights plus special guests.
Wednesday tickets are priced from £10 – £12.50; Thursday tickets from £10 – £15. Advance tickets are available online at fabriclondon.com.

77A Charterhouse Street,
London, EC1

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