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Washed Out 4 credit Dan Wilton

Introducing Band of the Week: Washed Out

When most kids take some time off to save money and move back in the parents it’s a year (or four) spent working at the local shop you used loiter outside of when you were kid and a lot of time on a sofa. But when Ernest Greene moved home in 2009 to rural Georgia he began work on what would become our Band of Week, Washed Out.  Posting his bedroom creations on myspace the blogosphere quickly caught on to his slowed down electronica and labelled him chillwave. The Georgian has stated he was worried that the blogs may have hyped him too much. However, when you listen to his first release ‘Life of Leisure’ (2009), the hype seems just enough. The song ‘Feel It All Around’ from said EP ended up on best of 2009 lists for both Pitchfork and NME, and it also ended up as the opening song for IFC series, Portlandia.

In April of this year, Washed Out announced he would be joining the infamous Seattle label Sub Pop for the release of his first long player- ‘Within and Without,’ that is now in stores as of today, 11th July. It’s a brilliant release, but more on that later in the week. Although the man was at first hesitant to play live, worried it would turn into too much of a DJ set, he’s far and beyond that fear now as he was selected by one of our previous BOTW, Battles, to play at ATP Nightmare Before Christmas, and that’s in addition to the already massive tour he has planned with dates in North America, Europe, and the UK.

Washed Out, or Ernest Greene, was thrust into the scene thanks to the internet and was quickly grouped in with numerous other chillwave artists. But for some reason I’m mostly drawn to the Georgian man. Maybe it’s because back in 2009 I was doing a lot of driving on the I-5 (Motorway that extends from Cali to Canada) and there’s something about Greene’s voice that demands you to roll your windows down and notice how the sun peaks through the trees. Whatever the quality, there is something that simply draws you to Washed Out, and gets you excited to see what’s to come.

Remember if you’re in the East London area, Rough Trade East has a Washed Out bed installation, where you can listen to the whole album in a cozy bed. It’s the last day!

And for any more  info on Washed Out, it’s all here!

-Stevie Pearce

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