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Fred Perry gets Hurts

Us Brits are well known for our pioneering spirit, groundbreaking music and cultural heritage.  The infamous laurel wreath has adorned the chests of many iconic stars making their ascent to notoriety and Fred Perry Subculture are bringing you our next generation of trailblazers, shot beautifully in intimate surroundings.  Take these 3 bands for example, captured right at the pivotal point in their careers, these clips are a snapshot of the best of new British talent that’s set to blow up this summer.

Hurts – The ubiquitous ‘Wonderful Life’ put them at the forefront of British pop and stella festival appearances so far this summer have set them in perfect stead to jump to the next level.

Dananananakroyd – Glasweigan noise-merchants’ second album ‘There Is A Way’ has just dropped and they are about to embark on a massive European tour.  These guys are making friends everywhere they play.

Wolf Gang – Their debut album ‘Suego Faults’ has just been released and is causing a stir on their first headline tour that encompasses pretty much every festival date in Europe.

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