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Album Review: Clapton Fox– Amazing Thunderstorm

Robert Kaniepien’s career has been one that involved signing with Alan McGee and Jarvis Cocker (he bought an EP once), and he is now joined by George Zampiro (Drums) for his latest project entitled Clapton Fox who release their debut Amazing Thunderstorm this August.

Amazing Thunderstorm takes you back to the prog days of the 70s with sounds inducing an acid haze with its wave upon wave of psychedelia together with George’s drum beats being a mixture of prog-rock and modern day electronica; it is, however, a record of peaks and troughs.

‘Isabelle’ is the point in which it reaches its highest permeating a haunting mood of extreme depth, encouraging you to delve through its layers to reach Robert under the murky waters. The woozy feel on ‘Dear Dear Friends’ encapsulates Clapton Fox’s debut, with similar effects felt on ‘She Ate The Feather’ through its mixture of samples and tom foolery before jumping into a world that has more recently been reserved for the likes of MGMT. Title track ‘Amazing Thunderstorm’ is another highlight with its mundane beginnings blossoming into a futuristic landscape, with a plodding bassline and synthesizers buzzing around your ears like a well mannered but at times persistent wasp.

Where this record falters, however, is with the overindulgence of ideas, which in some cases loses direction, leaving the listener frustrated. Amazing Thunderstorm is a record that contains influences from the past to the modern present day, but, I think that it is one with too many dead ends; with both ‘She Ate The Feather’ and ‘Procrastination’ both ending rather abruptly; if they had simply been developed further, they could have been a lot more interesting. An erratic debut that could have been so much more.


-Gavin Bevan

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