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JACQUEMUS: Interview

With two already stellar collections behind him, we talk to Simon from JACQUEMUS about the new collection: L’usine. Inspired by factory workers daily uniform of conformity, Simon aims to express the day to day wear of ‘boring’ clothes. With a superbly French video to express his ideas, and show us the clothes, JACQUEMUS is proving to create classic yet futuristically simple designs.

A shy character, Simon doesn’t like interviews, but he kindly answered a few simple questions about the new collection for us.

PN: Where does the name ‘Jacquemus’ come from?

The name came from my mother; Valerie Jacquemus.

PN: What was the inspiration behind the L’usine collection?
The collection revisits the uniform traditionally worn by workers of French factories. A single piece of clothing with a pastel palette and simple cuts.

The same woman every day; the same outfit. I wanted to express something boring.


PN: How long has the label been going?

Jacquemus was born one year ago. I’ve done three collections:  L’hiver froid , Les filles en blanc and the last one, L’usine. With L’usine I did my first showroom in Paris, which was very exciting for me!


PN: What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I’m a big fan of the short black jumper.

PN: Do you think colour is important for AW11?
I think good colour is important for life

PN: Who is your ideal customer?
I haven’t got one.

JACQUEMUS is now available to buy on jacquemus.com

Photographs of the collection by Bertrand Le Pluard

-Emma Hoareau

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