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The Hautelist #15: Espadrilles

Yes, The Hautelist has been on hiatus for the Summer (in fact, we’ve been in barometer rehab, but we’d rather not talk about that if you don’t mind…)….

Anyway, according the weather man we still have a splattering of good weather left in the year, so we thought we’d return with some pointers of what we’d like to see on your (yes your) feet when the sun has got his hat on.

As our good friend (and uber pr) Felicity Carter pointed out, Espadrilles seem to have quietly sneaked (snook?) under the radar as the shoe de jour this summer.  And why not?  In all honesty, what other shoes screams SUMMERTIME quite as loudly as our wicker soled continental friend?  Mr Editor (who’s prone to a spot of continental bothering) pointed out that espadrilles are widely available for mere euro change in Parisian supermaches!  As we kindly (yet firmly) pointed out to him, we’re not living in ‘Gay Paree’, so here are our favourite espadrilles available on these (occasionally) fine shores.

Milanese mincers…

We can’t help but notice (especially since we’re part of the movement), that Missoni are having a bit of a ‘moment’ at the…er…moment!  And what better way to dip your toe in the luxury Italian pool than with a pair of these utterly delicious espadrilles in that iconic Missoni pattern.  At £165 they may be expensive for espadrilles, but they’re cheap for Missoni – and that’s a compromise we’re more than happy to make.

Le classique…

If what you’re after is the real espadrille deal – both in terms of style and cost, then look no further than our ever on-trend friend ASOS.com.  At only £12 their basic Marley espadrilles come in basic block colours, or our personal fave and Picasso’s espadrille of choice – the breton stripe.  In the words of Mr T, you’d be a FOOL not to grab a pair…asap!

£12, available at ASOS.com

The Ethical option…

There’s nothing we love better than giving.  Actually – that’s not true.  What we actually really and truly love the mostest is getting and giving at the same time.  So it’s no surprise then that we love TOMS – who, when you buy a pair of their shoes, kindly give a pair of shoes to a child in a developing country. Genius, non?  What makes this deal even better (for us), is that TOMS espadrilles are really very lovely, and come in lots of different great finishes including glitter, and our all time fave, leopard print.  Our choicest purchase has to be this cream crochet pair though…and there we were thinking espadrilles couldn’t be any more summerlicious!

£44.99, available at Office.co.uk

-Siam Goorwich

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