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Introducing Band of the Week: Soft Metals

Our Band of Week hails from across the ocean in Portland, Oregon, and is, in fact, couple Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall. At the time of the pairs first meeting, Ian was living in San Francisco when he came to DJ at a party thrown by Patricia in Portland. Ian was experimenting with synths and drum machines in his apartment, an influence from friends during the time he spent in Chicago. When he chanced upon a recording of Patricia’s ethereal voice, he asked her to provide some vocals for his tracks. For her part, Patricia has stated she always loved the idea of making music, but felt she couldn’t structure a song well enough, instead preferring to stay in the more melodic and surreal side of composing.

Things developed and the band formed with Ian relocating to Portland full-time. It was during this stage that feelings began to develop between the two, something that is reflected in their early music, as themes of romance come to light on their debut EP ‘The Cold World Metals’. The EP was a hit amongst fans and it also caught the attention of a few record labels and blogs bringing Soft Metals into the light and .

The coming together to these two, with Ian’s knowledge of synth and drum machines that give it a heavy edge, while Patricia’s dream-voice lifts you up and takes you away, so as not to make you feel too heavy- make for a perfect match. They have also released a split 7” with Jewels of Nile  off of French label Desire and finally took up with Brooklyn based label Captured Tracks permanently for the release of their debut, self-titled LP out on 19th July. Now, with a relocation to LA they will surly be an interesting band to follow, wherever it is they go!

Stay updated on all Soft Metals news by going to their facebook.

-Stevie Pearce

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