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The Hautelist #16: Hawaiian Shirts

For the past week we’ve found it hard to think of much else than tattooed men in Hawaiian shirts, so thought it only right to share this new found obsession/ perversion/ fantasy with you (admittedly primarily in the hope that we’ll convert more men to the cause and soon the whole of London will be awash with hot young tattooed Hawaiian shirt wearing men)…quiver. Now, like any visionary we’re well prepared for the doubters, the naysayers, and yes, the downright dutty haters; sadly for you we’ve thoughtfully and meticulously compiled our case. Read it and weep (or better still, go by one)!

The shirt that started it all (above)

And the shirt/ boy/ image (styling by Kevin Kim for ASOS), which began it all. Before seeing this image last week, we could never have imagined the joyous result of the somewhat unexpected combination of a Hawaiian shirt and a heavily tattooed arm; yet everyone we’ve shown this image to has had to admit that it is really rather splendid. If you’re not heavily inked then fear not – Hawaiian shirts are definitely experiencing a long awaited renaissance, so as long as you wear them masses of confidence and a fistful of attitude (and of course, under no circumstances a matching short), you’ll be bang on trend. p.s. if the combination of Hawaiian print and pink really is a sartorial leap too far, then fear not – ASOS also stock Karmakula shirts (all £32) in like totally manly blacks and blues – check them out.

Vintage option…

If you’re a man, and you’re not really down with the whole vintage scene, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to stop being a tw*t and get down on it. Firstly on a practical level it’s your best chance of bagging a bargain (e.g. shirt on the left) – only £15; at the other end of the spectrum, vintage is your chance to get hold of the real Hawaiian deal (e.g. shirt on the right – an original 1950’s ‘Outrigger’ Hawaiian shirt) an investment at £125! Lastly, if you’re still not convinced then let us just tell you, the ladies will love it; nothing says thoughtful, sensitive and open minded like a man who knows how to mix his designer and high street with a little twist of vintage. Fact. Both shirts, and lots more in-between available online at Rokit .

The hautest Hawaiian on the earth right now…



22 Featuring Reyn Spooner from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

This range of Hawaiian shirts are so goddamn haute that they even have their very own fashion film. If you were ever in any doubt as to the validity of our case for the much maligned shirt, then all doubts are about to be dashed, as NY’s iconic purveyors of ‘right this second too haute to touch’ cool, Opening Ceremony, have teamed up with classic Hawaiian shirt brand, Reyn Spooner, to create a young, fun and sexy Hawaiian-tastic capsule collection. Basically, the rule goes – if Opening Ceremony say it’s what you should be wearing, you strip off immediately and follow orders – resistance really is futile. So, in a Hautelist first – grab yourself a daiquiri, sit back, and see how good your life could be if you were wearing a Hawaiian shirt …. Check out the entire collection online.

-Siam Goorwich

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