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Street Style: Basic Appeal.

Stevie-Rose of Basic Appeal provides this week’s staple strinspo.

Who’s that chick? Stevie is another of those who is very much on it in terms of her fashion game; she has pin-pointed her signature look early on in life – a delicately precious asset. At eighteen years old, she provides the most basic styling solutions, handpicked from her capsule wardrobe. And that’s her appeal. Its pretty basic (ba dum bum).

There is no fussing with frills or fannying on with florals; the simplest separates, earthy hues and leather lust-haves are her go-to criteria. High-street giants: Office, Topshop and American Apparel provide her base foundation whilst eBay fulfils the kitschy quotient to achieve what every girl strives for; bang on trend with that poignant vintage allure.

Catering to my collar fetish, Stevie throws a luscious raspberry (or burgundy? same difference) boy knit over a clinical white shirt, to flash a sneak of the favoured detail. The shiny leggings streamline the baggy pullover, bypassing a sneaky snippet of flesh to reveal the heeled, Office deserts. Admittedly, a little sombre to still be seeing leggings in July but their shiny goodness makes up for it. The tasseled backpack ensure Stevie-Rose’s established leather levels are reached.

She is somewhat a blogging beginner, having been on the scene for only a month or so. She makes for a welcomed sight in a world dominated by Lookbook (lookbook.nu) pin-ups, rocking their JC litas and another ‘vintage’ dress. Stevie-Rose does exactly what it says on the tin. Go check out her basic appeal – http://basicappeal.blogspot.com.

-Helen Turnbull

One Comment on “Street Style: Basic Appeal.”

  • sally September 26th, 2011 9:50 pm

    She used to wear frills and florals..
    Until the tumblr trend switched from studded shorts and jeffrey Campbells to white and black outfits and wanabee minimalism. As you would assume, she changed her wardrobe from Topshop fringe and florals to jump on the growing trend of ‘tumblr minimalists’
    Also, notice a large similarity in her blog layout, picture posts, style, blog wording and this blog?
    or should I say plagiarism

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