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BOTW: Azari & III Stream of ‘Manic’ Remix

The third single to come from our BOTW, Azari & III will be ‘Manic’ released on 7th August, be sure to write that down! As a teaser for the release the Canadian group as sent out a remix of ‘Manic’ done by Chicago house veteran, DJ Sneak. The track is a cacophony of sound to begin with until the original track is layered on with base beats that create texture and an even bigger need to dance upon listening. It makes you want to jump and and shout, ‘It’s a manic, it’s a manic, it’s a manic world!’

Azari & iii – Manic [DJ Sneak Maniatico Remix] by PurplePR
In case you want to have a quick listen to the original, Azari & III have just released the official video for single ‘Manic.’ There is some wonderful dancing, along with striking images of skulls, tattoos, and axes. Plus a sparkly top!

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