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The Hautelist #18: Cat-eye sunglasses

Is it too late in the year for a Hautelist on sunglasses? Is it heck! Just the other day we found ourselves in a sun-drenched Covent Garden unintentionally swapping hard-earned money for a brand spanking new pair of cat-eye shades, and although this isn’t something we’d usually do in the early days of August, over the following days we received so many compliments on our pointy friends, that we thought it only right to celebrate them with their very on Hautelist. Cat-eyes have always been the most glamorous of all the sunglasses, and while in recent years we’ve been channelling our inner rock chick, this year we feel ready to reintroduce some good old fashioned glamour back into our lives. So, although we’re now in August, and our head is telling us that this year’s sunny days are numbered, ever the optimist, we reckon we could find ourselves in the midst of a heatwave anyday now. So, while you pessimists will be mopping round in last years clubmasters, us hautelisters will be shooting you squinty apologetic looks through this seasons lastminute.com purchased cat-eyes. You’ll be well jel. Just saying.

Old-school glamour…

If what you’re after is a real slice of old-school glamour, then look no further than Oliver Goldsmith’s Sophia frames. Designed in 1958, and named after the screen legend (and one of Oliver’s favourite actresses) Sophia Loren, the Sophia frame perfectly captures the elegance of the age. Starting at £230, the Sophia comes in 7 different finishes, our favourite being this striking Leopard style. We recommend you wear them with a flash or red lippie and an air of nonchalance. Haute.

Hot off the catwalk…

If you’re feeling brave and want to make a statement (and who doesn’t) you need look no further than this spectacular Giles/ Cutler and Gross collaboration. Not only are you getting a fabulous pair of sunnies for your money (which is £350 btw), but you’re also getting a genuine slice of SS11 catwalk action. We reckon if you’re going to go for it, then you should really go for it, so while these shades also come in black, turtle and red, we reckon it’s all about the candy-cane pink. Tasty.


For those who aren’t sure they’re ready to fully commit to a proper pointy cat-eye, then we have a slightly (admittedly abstract) middle ground. Karen Walker’s Number One shades in black with yellow trim, £140, from Harvey Nic’s, are like the space-age lovechild of the cat-eye and the original wayfarer. While the shape is actually quite classic, the fluro flash gives them a fearless fashion edge. What’s more, Rihanna owns a pair. Nuff said.
Available in-store at Harvey Nichols.

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