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Introducing Band of the Week: Blood Orange

First there was Test Icicles, an indie, dance, punk band- with hip-hop twinges, when Dev Hynes was only the tender age of 18, and was simply a guitar player. Then there was the Americana Lightspeed Champion in which he not only took the mic stand, but also brought the beautifully sorrowful songs, ‘Galaxy of the Lost’ and ‘Midnight Surprise’, to finally the more aggressive Blood Orange- our Band of the Week. In the office we’ve all been following Dev Hynes career with fervour as he seems to surprise from one day to the next.

Beginning with a punk band that was all noise and attitude that only lasted two years, until coming back a year later with a release under the name Lightspeed Champion with single, ‘Galaxy of the Lost’. For the project Hynes recorded at alt-folk-indie hotspot Omaha, Nebraska- the same place that Bright Eyes and Cursive have recorded, and brought Americana songs of the pain of love gone amiss. The LP under the same moniker, Falling Under the Lavender Bridge, was a beautiful dream sequence of sorrow and listened to best in a garden with tea lights.

The release gained him much critical acclaim, and cred as the indie man of London. However, in a surprise move, rather than ride the wave to fame, he moved house from London to New York, New York in the US of A, where he was actually born (in Texas). He then transitioned to production, working on albums for Florence and the Machine, Solange Knowles, Theophilus London, and Diana Vickers. It was during this period that Hynes began recording music for himself to listen to on late night walks around the city, the tracks were never meant for public listening, but more the music Hynes wanted to listen to but couldn’t find. What it turns out he was looking for was ‘80s rimmed R&B with a punch of attitude. It’s just our luck that he has decided to make these lush track available for us all on his new release titled, Coastal Grooves, that’s out today!

For more info on Blood Orange, head over to bloodorangeforever.

-Stevie Pearce

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