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Street Style #8 08.08.11 - strutt1

Street Style #8: Spotlight- Strutt

A recent discovery of mine; Charlene O’Rourke of strutt fools anyone into thinking she’s stepped fresh off Times Square, NYC. Yes, she is that cool. She exudes eclectic eccentricity achieved by the handpicked selection of mis-matched pieces from eras been and gone.

A self-confessed vintage vixen, Charlene has that eye for style that every girl yearns for; the ability to clash prints, eras and colours all at once. She has got some serious bowler hat love going on, so much so you’d think it need be surgically removed. Charlene wouldn’t be Charlene without her Rokit favourite. That and her signature red lips.

The basic shirt dress (Romwe) is sexed up with the leather collar detail whilst the necklace (Forever21) releases her inner goth chick – a bit of American brand representing right there. The blazer is a Topshop standard and ties the monochrome together. Admittedly, a little premature channelling of the 80’s mod rock trend that’s set to be a big hit this A/W, (Charlene is that fashion forward) but I think we can forgive her for that non? The finishing touches come in the form of her perfectly preened and placed accompanying hair and make-up. Not forgetting the hat and those lips. She is hot to rock and there is no doubting the girl.

See Charlene strutting her stuff in her off-beat take on transeasonal trends. Individualism at its finest. She has lush hair too which I would quite like.

- Helen Turnbull

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