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Women’s daily lives are hectic enough as it is, and it seems that the older we get and the more time moves forward, they are becoming increasingly difficult. We need organisation to keep everything manageable – and the latest creation by Baby-G, the brand that makes tough watches for tough women, does just that.

G Mag is a brand new ‘blogzine’ divided into three time-defined categories – “Work Time”, “Rest Time”, and “Play Time” – around which women’s lives revolve. The site reaches out to ambitious, young women between the ages of 18 and 35 with an interest on fashion, music, art, and sport. It features light-hearted articles on everything from interviews with Katy B to “A day in the life of Cozette McCreery”, places to go and things to indulge in.

The “Your G Mag” feature allows readers to create a personalised online magazine tailored around their favourite articles, features, and individual tastes, which can then be shared on numerous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each week, the website will profile “Ones to Watch”, motivating women who aspire to own Baby-G premium watches as well as established professionals who own them now.

Baby-G may not be able to create time, but they sure know how to help you get the most out of it. And time is always better to look at when you’ve got a nice watch on.

-Charlie Clarkson

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