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The Hautelist #19: Peace Jewellery

Modest as we are here at The Hautelist HQ, we always secretly suspected that our influence on society ran both broad and deep.  However, two weeks ago when we claimed trainers were the Hautest item of the week, we never could have predicted that this was going to prompt waves of marauding youvs to hit the streets rioting and looting JD sports up and down the country to get their grubby paws on a brand-spanking-new single right foot.  So firstly this week we’d like to apologise to each and every one of you for the cost and inconvenience we so unwittingly caused.  Secondly, to prove that we’ve ‘learned lessons’ from this episode, we’d like to use our widespread power and influence for good. With this in mind this week we’re aiming to bring some good old-fashioned happy-clappy hippy-dippy hand-holding hair-braiding harmony to the streets with our selection of the choicest peace jewellery around.

Notting hill hippy…

We all know that when you’re really wealthy it’s your social obligation to get in touch with your inner chakra’s and spend lots of time and money organising and attending various functions in the pursuit of world peace.  Although we don’t mix in these circles per se, we’ve heard on the grapevine that ladies-who-lunch often like to adorn themselves with positive-energy-enhancing jewellery to assist them in their good work. It’s therefore no surprise that Ledbury Road based jeweller, Assya, have created their amethyst peace charm bracelet, £160 (above). Made from semi-precious amethyst beads, an 18kt gold vermeil chain and finished with a gold hammered peace charm, this bracelet will make you feel as good on the inside as you’ll look on the outside.  Hooray to that!

Peace on the street…

If you think you might be down with the whole peace thing, but don’t really wanna put your money where your mouth is, then these dangly peace earrings, £5 from Claires, are the perfect option.  What’s more, they’re totally Jenny-from-the-block ghetto-chic, so if you do happen to find yourselves caught up in a crowd of misunderstood young people, at least you won’t immediately stand out as a middle-aged police-sympathising wuss.  Street cred and a clear conscience for only a fiver – winner!

Available in Claire’s stores around the country now.


If you’re part of the hipster crew, and the whole peace-sign thing is just waaaay too retro for you, then family-run rock ‘n’ roll luxury jewellers, Zoe&Morgan, have the perfect alternative.  Their peace necklace, available in silver (£100) or 22kt gold plate (£127) is the perfectly modern, fashion-forward way to join the cause.  Yes, actions may speak louder than words, but words crafted out of precious metals and adorning the necks of hot, young, opinion-formers could totally change the world. Fact.

-Siam Goorwich

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