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Winter Menswear: FARAH

Born in 1920s heart of Texas, it took 50 years for FARAH to reach the cult status it currently prides itself on. Originally designing work and combat pants, their slim cuts and sharp tailoring became an immediate hit with the youth of Britain – it was unlike anything available at the time. Earning the Army Navy “E” award for contributions during WWII, their individualism spread across the pond and by the 1980s FARAH was a “must-have” label for the Mods to the Rocker-Billys alike. Definitive looks were built around key FARAH items, which led to an explosion of fashion-savvy hipsters across the UK music scene. They were no longer just clothes – they now represented a sense of elitism, generating respect for those bearing the infamous “FARAH F Tab”.

Today, the FARAH label has not lost sight of their heritage but has built on it, winning over a whole new generation of men throughout the world. Continually drawn to the brand’s historical vigour, they are inspired to rediscover and design a distinct look for themselves.

After the success of the 1920 Anniversary collection, FARAH has introduced a permanent range of 1920’s inspired pieces to complement its seasonal collection. Taking styles from the original heritage of the brand, the slim silhouettes and sharp tailored pieces vary in maturity. Designed with the bitterness of winter in mind, chunky knits are set to be a key piece. “The Monk” is a standard cardigan with wider neck, whereas “The Wilkins” sports a traditional alpine pattern and zip up front (right above/below). “The Leigh” is a cotton cardigan with wood effect buttons and tonal elbow patches, ideal for those who want a “vintage” look that doesn’t seem too out-dated.

“The Hopkins” duffle-coat is a definitive piece this winter, revived from the FARAH design archive. (Available in four colours.)

Hopkins duffle in khaki and red-check.

“The Falcon” and “The Daily” are staple ski knits that have also been revived, and are available in a multitude of colours including Ivy, Midnight and Dark Earth.

For more information, visit their website here.

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