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Album Review: Sare Havlicek – New Masters Volume 4

I’m not sure how I feel about the New Masters Volume 4 compilation. It’s a mood album, one that takes an elated state of emotion to enjoy I think. But I know one thing, it’s catchy, that’s for sure.

The first track, a remix of Paul Monroe’s ‘Summer Dream’ is a soothing starter. It’s washy layered synths and touches of vibraphone smother you into a state of hiatus, forcing you to tap your feet and nod your head accordingly.

Luckily the album seems like it can be enjoyed as a background record, as listening to it in full, as a main focus makes it end up feeling unrelenting and same-ish mid-way through. As strong and well done as the remixes are, a man can only have so much nu-disco in his life. Sare chooses a wide array of tracks to remix in this album, such as Claes Rosen’s ‘Sparkles’ with its 1984 synth style reminiscence. But this doesn’t stop Sare, the track feels fresh, easily listenable and invigorated for 2011.

Each track is as strong as the last, and well produced. Credit should be given to Sare Havlicek on his ability to make an album of 12 remixes of originals flow so perfectly.Dazed and seemingly tainted by sunshine from a foreign shore New Masters Volume 4 should provide a perfect soundtrack for a summer to be enjoyed outside. It’ll make you get up and dance, and look like a tit, but what’s it matter, that’s what disco’s about, right?

- Robbie Wojciechowski

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