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The Hautelist #20: Undies

Oh joy behold!  It’s official, the public have spoken and thongs, g-strings and all those other fancy-pants are on their way out.  Earlier this week it was reported that sales in thongs have dropped 17% and are now worth just 25% of the market, which means that the other 75% is made up of undies which actually cover your arse.  At long last it’s ok to admit what we all always secretly knew – there’s nothing better than a great big pair of briefs!

The best sellers

Is there a woman in this fair country who does not own at least one pair of M&S undies?  We think not.  As basic pants go, you just can’t beat them, and their current best seller are these not-just-your-average-brief Brazilian knickers.  Sadly they can’t guarantee a rump to rival Gisele’s, but they definitely won’t chafe, which we think makes them a winner!


Naughty knickers

Ooh la la, mademoiselle!  If that’s the kind of reaction you’d like to receive from you lover then we suggest you head on down to Coco de Mer and bag yourself a pair of their Belladonna military open knickers, £50.  Proving once and for all that full-on flesh-flashing is over-valued, we can’t think many things sexier than these peek-a-boo panties

Extravagant undies

In a luxury market, La Perla take the luxury biscuit.  As Greg Wallace would probably say – lingerie doesn’t get better than this…and sadly this is reflected in the price.  Yes, £142 Is rather a lot of money to spend on a pair of knickers (even if they are shapecouture luxury sucky-in knickers), which most people won’t see (in most cases), but to bastardise another well-known catchphrase though – these aren’t just any sucky-in knickers.  No, they’re La Perla.

-Siam Goorwich

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