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Favourite Forties

The stylish Laura Peebles is back! This time with some help for those struggling with what look to go for this autumn.

High glamour, perfect pouts and appropriate hemlines. It could only be the Forties. An era which has been enjoying something of a revival of late. And this is wonderful news for us as Forties style positively demands a ‘dress to impress’ attitude. Preened and polished this look most certainly should be, it is all about the suggested allure of the outfit. Coming into autumn, covered up works best- feminine yet just a little conservative. For it is in the details that the glamour lies: the full red lips, a seductive slit here, a bit of sheer there. And what better way to achieve Forties glamour than by going vintage, like this 1980s YSL skirt. To ensure sophistication, don’t introduce too much colour – the simpler the palette, the better. Update the look with some rockin’ heels, and at the same time, give a nod to old school glamour by adding some vintage fur into the mix.

Skirt was courtesy of Herman Brown

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-Laura Peebles

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