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The Hautelist # 21 Brand focus: Schott

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Schott to you?  Rude boys in two-tonne varsity jackets, right?  Same here!  But it turns out that there’s a lot more up Schott’s super-padded sleeves then just what you see in JD sports.  The company has been making leather biker jackets since 1925, and they’re actually rather good at it.  Not that we’re one to be swayed by a celebrity endorsement, but some Schott fans you may have heard of include The Ramones, Blondie, Gaga and Rihanna.  From classic black bikers to crazy colour-pop creations and fur-lined collars, Schott have got leather jackets locked down.  Here are the Hautest of the bunch.

Quilted for your pleasure…

Thanks to Chanel, and specifically the 2.55, nothing says quality quite like quilting.  Even when you know it’s a Primark 2.55 rip-off, it still has an air of superiority which says it’s better than all the other Primark IT-bag rip-off’s, just because it’s quilted.  So although all the Schott Perfecto biker jackets, with their silky soft lambskin and shiny silver fittings are basically the dogs you-knows, the LCW 8600 S still stands out as the cream of the crop.  And doesn’t it just know it.

Limited edition LCW 8600 S Perfecto biker jacket – £320

The Perfecto moment…

I know – you didn’t think you needed/ wanted/ had room in your life for an-oth-er biker jacket, did you?  But then you hadn’t encountered the unabashed look-at-me arrogance of the pink and black limited edition Perfecto biker jacket, had you?  There’s just something undeniably pop-culturally now about this combination that just makes you want it more than you can stand. No?

Limited edition pink and black Perfecto biker jacket – £350

One for the old-school crew…


We couldn’t write about Schott without featuring one of their varsity jackets, and seeing as they’re on-trend right now, why should we.  Forget those flimsy pretty boy don’t-throw-the-ball-near-my-face varsity jackets you see on the high-street – Schott varsity jackets, with their extra thick wool body and cow-hide sleeves mean business…and by business we mean- would punch you in the face, nick your oyster card and your girlfriend.  We know which team we’d rather be on.

All black varsity jacket – £230

Stockist: (+44) 0203 358 0030

-Siam Goorwich

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  • Darran Harris August 31st, 2011 11:01 am

    Also fans of Schott NYC are – Jay Z, Fergie, Will I AM, Jessy Jay, Lilly Allen, Robert Pattinson and Carl Berat from the Libertines to name but a few.
    Definitely seen on all the right faces in all the right places!

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