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Introducing Band of the Week: Othello Woolf

Our Band of the Week is the rather stylish and sophisticated, Othello Woolf. The London breed crooner’s real name is Oliver, but stage fright caused him to go all Elizabethan, and the name stuck. At the age of 27 (young if you ask me), he stands out as a bit of an old man amongst all the tweens releasing their debut album. He might be a bit a older but that only means his music is a bit better.

Maybe it’s that he’s a little older, or maybe it’s down to the fact that he footed most of bill for his debut album- either way, it’s an experience in well crafted atmospheric, ‘80s influenced pop. His voice is both rich and sandy at the same time and the combination keeps listeners tied to his voice and waiting for what he’ll sing next. The music gets your hips swaying, but won’t really make you sweat- it’s dance music for the outrageously cool.

His journey is one that doesn’t have much of a set place nor a conventional course. After having finally made enough money to finance an album, he set about recording it all himself-all instruments and vocals, which considering his music is often multi-deminsial with richly textured in sound, it’s more than impressive. He then sent it to TV On The Radio man, Chris Moore, in Brooklyn to have it mixed. With modern technology (iChat) and Woolf’s willingness to change his entire time schedule to fit Eastern Standard Time, the album became a finished project. To top it all off Woolf will be giving away his album in a ‘download for free’ fashion! The album is available for download now, but will soon be going on iTunes (5 September).

So get the album now on othellowoolf.com, along with links to all the info you could possibly need!

-Stevie Pearce

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