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Manchester Clubbing Guide Interview: Graeme Park

Graeme Park performed at Gio-Goi’s recent Acid-House Reunion Party at Moho Live. Speaking to Planet Notion, the acclaimed DJ declares his love for Manchester clubbing and discusses influences.

PlanetNotion: Where are the best places to go for an underground night in Manchester and why?

Graeme Park: You still can’t beat Sankeys.  It’s been consistently good for years.

PN: What are your all-time top three places to go out in Manchester and why?

GP: The Haçienda of course.  It was the greatest club there ever was and was an inspiration for many.  I was very fortunate to be the resident there for over 8 years too. Sankeys, because it took over where the Haçienda left off.  The Warehouse Project, because it’s simply epic.

PN: How would you describe Manchester?

GP: The coolest city in the UK by far.

PN: Why do you think Manchester has been so influential on music and fashion?

GP: The people.  Plain and simple.  And cool people attract like-minded people who fall in love with this amazing city and the whole process repeats.

PN: What makes for a good DJ?

GP: Follow your heart, do your own thing but play to the crowd.  And don’t believe your own hype (if you’re fortunate enough to have any).

PN: Who are you favourite DJs past and present?

GP: Frankie Knuckles and Frankie Knuckles.  He’s a proper legend and an all-round nice bloke too.

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