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Interview: The Polyamorous Affair

There comes a moment in any music lovers life that they truly believe, ‘ok. I’ve heard it all.’ Then comes along a band like L.A. based The Polyamorous Affair, and you have to tip your hats to them. In one song it’ll be all electro-pop and in another it’s some sort of saga about time travel. You can’t peg this pair down- made up of real life couple Eddie Chacon and Sissy Sainte-Marie. They’re getting ready to release their 4th album and considering each song is a big question mark until you take a listen, we’re excited!

We got a chance to speak with once teacher- turned lead vocalist Sissy Sainte-Marie about the pairs recent trip to Berlin, the beginnings of the band, and their quirky videos!

PlanetNotion: How did you two meet?

Sissy Sainte-Marie: We met by chance at a bar. I think we were both dragged out of the house that night by friends. We weren’t trying to meet anyone. We ended up sitting next to one another, struck up a conversation and we liked each other a lot. Six years later, we still do.

PN: How do you feel your time living in Berlin and Europe helped to shape your sound and style?

SS-M: Haven’t really thought about how living in Berlin last year changed our sound. To be honest we were more focused on exploring the city and spending time with the friends we made there than the music scene. Perhaps it made us more serious. Anytime you get out of your comfort zone and see more of the great big world out there, I guess it does influence every level of your life.

PN: You two have explored a lot of genres to the point where the listener can almost not anticipate what sound might come out next. Do you think you’ll always be this explorative with your music?

SS-M: Most definitely. We will always be explorative with our music. That’s why we wanted the word polyamory in our name. We love it all and if we want doo wop and disco together in one song and slide guitar and vocoder in another, then that’s just what we do.

PN: Considering your songs are so varied, what’s your favourite Polyamorous Affair song right now? What’s your favourite video?

SS-M: Whoever Controls the Groove is our favorite song. My favorite video is for You Are because we aren’t killing each other for once. I love the look of the super 8 film it was shot with.  Eddie loves the cinematic beauty of our Softer and Softer video.

PN: Your videos are always very detailed with stories to them, and you two are known for your visual live shows, how important do you think visual aid is to your music?

SS-M: I don’t know if it is important, but we sure have had some fun with it. We’re so thankful we’ve been able to work with young directors and photographers.  For fans of our music, it lends a new dimension to enjoy, a different sensory experience.

PN: When writing for the band is it collaborative or do you two usually write on your own and then try to piece your work together?

SS-M: Yes, all of that. We both write on our own, together, in the car, in the kitchen – we can’t get away from it – we are constantly writing and collaborating whether we intend to or not.

PN: What can we expect from the 4th album?

SS-M: The 4th album will be eclectic. That’s all we can tell you right now.

PN: What are the future plans for The Polyamorous Affair?

SS-M: More music, more videos, and a series of covers and collaborations with friends called The Polyamorous Affair – Casual Encounters.

For more info on The Polyamorous Affair check their official website.

Update** The Polyamorous Affair will be releasing the newest single ‘Fantasy’ on 24th October. To get you ready you can stream and download a remix of the single done by Canadians You Say Party!
Polyamorous Affair – Fantasy – You Say Party remix by Agency X
-Stevie Pearce

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