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Justus Köhncke – Spiralen Der Erinnerung

I’d come across Mr Köhncke’s work before, usually on obscure compilations or blogs at the edge of the dance music continuum, possibly on a Lazpod or two? This wacky (that word had to be used) full length album by Köhncke is definitely influenced by the Krautrock genre, but actually references pretty much the entire history of popular music. Golly.

Cover versions of Neil Young (Old Man) Jimmy Webb (Wichita Lineman) and most baulking (at least for me) Paul McCartney (Let Em In) are not what the average album released on a German dance music label is made of, but what they do brilliantly is to pare back those songs to their very essence. The sound is melancholic synth-pop, often naïvely retro, and always with Köhncke’s breathy, German intonations and it weaves something very new out of these sometimes-familiar tunes.

Definitely one for home listening, when you’re in the mood for something charming, thought-provoking but not heavy on beats. Sunday morning music perhaps, and one to have on the shelf alongside Matias Aguayo.

Words – Colin Chapman

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