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BOTW Album Review: CANT – Dreams Come True

Ever since CANT first graced my sound system I haven’t really been able to talk about anything else. It’s a beautifully complex record that uses the best of ‘80s synth pop to get your blood simmering along with moments of soul, early Beck, and Radiohead. It’s the first release from BOTW, CANT, Dreams Come True, and hit shops yesterday, 12th September. It’s a collaboration between Taylor and George Lewis Jr of Twin Shadows. Where Grizzly Bear might be more soulful, CANT isn’t scared of using harder edges to play your heartstrings in ways Grizzly might. With plays on ‘80s pop, first track ‘Too Late, Too Far’ almost reminds of Phil Collins, but in that truly great way that early Phil Collins used to have on your knees without you really understanding why.

‘Believe’ is a moody decent into the emotions of a lover at a crossroad. The chorus reaches towards a ballade, and you can’t help but strain to sing along. While, ‘The Edge’, is although lyrically more simplistic with a simple plea to do what’s said, it switches itself up mid way through to create the feeling of a new song of more soulful and hypnotic moments. ‘BANG’ is restrained, slowed and might have you thinking of early 2000 Beck, if Beck had used less guitar and more sound effects. ‘(brokencollar)’ gives Taylor a chance to show his musicianship in a short instrumental piece that feels like the perfect soundtrack to run along a rocky ocean to. ‘She’s Found a Way’ beings with an early ‘90s lo-fi rock feel with heavy, feedback riddled guitars and dialled down vocals.

‘Answer’ picks the album up and brings it into more of an abstract synth, dream-pop, that sort of floats above the tree tops, and title track seems to come out of nowhere with a foreign feel that is jarring, but still interesting to see where Taylor may want to take his music. Perhaps all these different descriptions might have some thinking there is no way this album can coherently fit together to make an album that actually makes sense. However, it’s Taylor’s unique voice and ability to create an undercurrent of sound that makes it all sound familiar. A stunning collection not be missed!

-Stevie Pearce

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