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BOTW Interivew: Chris Taylor of CANT

With the awful weather that recently hit the eastern coast of the United States, there was a certain fear that our New York based, BOTW interview with Chris Taylor wasn’t going to happen. Yet even with everything, Taylor found a moment to steal with us so we could hound him about his new project, what it was like going to front-man, and the production side of music.

PlanetNotion: A lot of songs from CANT are songs that have been living with you for awhile. What happened to make now feel the time for CANT?

Chris Taylor: I don’t know. I guess it just took some time to figure a method of being able to do it, and finish it. I guess that just happened to take some time. I felt I had worked on enough records to understand how it worked. I learned a lot from the people I worked with up until now as well.

PN: How did you feel about stepping up to lead vocals for CANT?

CT: I was a little nervous of that for sure. I hadn’t really ever done lyrics before, I really didn’t want them be bad. So I took a fair amount of time to work on them so I could stand behind them.

PN: When ‘Ghosts’ came out you didn’t seem too enthusiastic by the CANT project in an interview with Pitchfork. Are you happy with the final album?

CT: It was just a start, it was the first track I was able to finish. I feel really proud of the album. I’m already writing new material with the band. I sort of ensemble a band around the record. The writing is coming out a lot faster and I’m liking it more. I am happy with the album. The fact that there’s four people to add a creative twist, which I like a lot. I had to work on most of this album by myself and I don’t’ really like doing it that way. I feel like it’s much more fun when it’s more of a conversation. I’m ready to hear something new.

PN: You’ve said that you were sitting on these songs for many years trying to finish them. Was it hard to find a fresh approach? How did you go about finishing them?

CT: That was kind of a challenge. You’d sort put something and then you’d have to change it. I really like having someone to ask, is this cool or not. When there’s no one there, and not really having that much experience I didn’t always have the confidence behind. I would ask my friend Ethan what he thought. He and I run Terrible Records together. I would bother him about if it was lame or if it was cool.

PN: You do a lot of production with other artist, do you approach producing other people’s music differently than when you are doing your own? How have those artists influenced your own work?

CT: Most obviously is George [Lewis Jr] from Twin Shadow, I just really love his music and wanted to work with him, and he wanted to work with me. It just sort of unfolded that we did the whole record together. We just kind of fell in love…. we just love working together. His influence on the record is huge, in the sense that we wrote the instrumentals in the album together for the most part. I just like his taste and the way he approaches he music. He’s the only one that I felt comfortable to write my own music. He was just really supportive. I’m must lucky to have him when I could.

PN: What do you feel you get out of the production side you don’t get when you are making music?

CT: You get up close and personal interactions with the musician, and see how they operate, so it’s always really interesting because they all operate really differently- how they approach  music. I only work with musician I love and respect and it’s always really interesting.

PN: How have you felt about the reception of CANT generally? Blog picking it up etc?

CT: I haven’t read that stuff. I don’t’ really do that. Especially with this music. The couple of times that I would ever check out those threads, you would just get those random people the would say something awful, even if it’s true or not I don’t want those things running in my hand. If someone could say to my face they hate the music- I would love to have the conversation. I just don’t want to think about that stuff when I’m stage or brushing my teeth. I also find it a little self obsessed. I think there’s something kind of weird of going on those sites to read about yourself. But, we had  two shows and a good amount of people came out and clapped. I have just spoken to interviewers and I don’t know if their being honest or not.

PN: CANT will go on tour soon?

CT: We start touring on the 1st of October, and a month in the US, and a month in Europe. We’ll definitely be stopping through London, we’re going to be at Cargo. I’ve played there before, it’s a cool venue, it’s a lot of fun.

PN: What’s coming up for CANT? Second record?

CT: We’re already kind of writing new stuff right now. Probably just seeing… maybe recoding as soon as possible, I guess. ..

-Stevie Pearce

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