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LFW: Louise Gray – Show Report

Louise Gray’s catwalk, well, what a show. Waterloo Station provided the perfect setting, cavernous and bright, for what was an entirely fantastical electric mishmash explosion of colours, fabrics and sparkles. We were like children in a sweetie shop, far too excited and with too much to look at. The models were utterly delectable as they strutted up and down to some appropriately chopped up head-banging beats.

Every piece was an assortment of fabrics and textures: chiffon, silk, cotton, plastic were all adorned with beads, ruffles, prints, glitter. You name it and it was probably in there somewhere. The silhouettes were, for the most part, long, loose and flowing which added a certain delicate quality to their movement. And then there was that fearless colour palette. If there is one thing Louise Gray does not do, it is subtlety. But who needs subtle when clothes can look this wonderful. The paint factory analogy could be used I’m sure, and it certainly was an explosion of the bright and bold, but it was thought out. Each piece had a theme, generally there was one statement colour with different shades fused together.

Bizarre but beautiful, Louise Gray maintains her signature sense of fun and that oh what the hell let’s just do it feeling to create something truly spectacular.

-Laura Peebles

-Photography: Robbie Peachey

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