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BOTW Interview: Karin Park

After seeing Karin Park play live at The Queen of Hoxton I’ll admit to being intimidated by the songstress. She was able to be amazing, flawless, and make it look like it took no effort on her part. After interviewing, it’s obvious Park is not only talented, but also sweet and very honest in her approach to her own music. See what she had to say about jumping genres and what we can expect from her next release. And just FYI, we would LOVE to party with her!

Planet Notion: Considering you found such amazing success with your music was it scary to go in another direction in case people didn’t like it? Or did the success give you more confidence?
Karin Park: It would have been scary if I had considered it strategically, but I didn’t. I knew I would change my audience but it was very easy and felt so good so I had to do it. Again, no choice really.

PN: What was it like playing in London for the first time?
KP: I actually got lost after having dinner at a restaurant nearby so I nearly missed the show myself. But once there it was super exiting and the audience was just amazing. They made me feel so good and I think we tore down the house in the end, playing Bending Alberts Law with everyone sitting on the floor. We filmed it, you’ve got to see it.

PN: How has it been working with your brother? Do you find it easier to work with someone you have such a personal relationship with as opposed to someone the studio may have given you?
KP: We have worked together for 7 years. David is absolutely brilliant and I appreciate him so much. He can do everything I can’t. And the other way around. So it works well. We can actually read each other’s mind. And he is a true viking too, fighting all sorts of battles for me.

PN: Considering you’ve made a change from pop to electronica, are there any other genres you really want to explore musically?
KP: I want to go deeper. I want to explore the rawness in beats and find true passion in music and lyrics. I don’t know where that will take me.

PN: How do you feel about the reception of ‘Tiger Dreams’?
KP: Very excited. And people get it. That’s the best thing. You realize what it’s about. Thanks everyone who reads this. It means a lot.

PN: What can we expect from the album?
KP: This fall you can expect the machine to bubble, bark, and roar. Smoke’s coming out of the pipes and the stew is cooking one EP will come out soon and two more songs before the new year. But when the new album comes out next year… Well, you can expect the sky to fall down I think. Or open up to things you’ve never seen before… I think we can expect a pretty big party too including a rammed Notion/Park release party here in London. Agreed?

PN: What are your plans once the album is released?
KP: Travel the world. See marvellous architecture, meet good looking men and eat amazing food. I want to play 365 concerts a year. I want to do everything. And….. I already have some new songs in store that I’m eager to get out of my computer.  That’s my plan.

For more info go to KarinPark.com.

-Stevie Pearce

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