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EP Review: David Lemaitre – Valediction

Having come from the fictionally sounding town of La Paz, Bolivia and naming influences such as Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and 70s psychedelia, much is expected of his short EP titled, Valediction.

Unfortunately, all expectations disappear once ‘Six Years’ begins and someone chucks a bucket of ice-cold water over your head. David has tried his best to write something that gets somewhere near the pure genius of Nick Drake, when, in fact, it sounds like it’s been written by the hands of Bret and Jermaine of Flight Of The Conchords fame – but without the knack of keeping your attention. Also, at nearly five and a half minutes, it’s excruciatingly long.

‘The Incredible Airplane Party’ fares better with a whimsical backdrop and interesting samples, which mix well with his vocals. ‘Jacques Cousteau’ is more of the same in terms of there not being anything much of particular importance happening. It’s a minimalist sounding track, but I felt like it was building up to something – it wasn’t. ‘In Your Own Sweet Way’ makes Valediction seem like a pick n mix of rhubarb & custard and those jellied cherries mixed together in some horrible mess that I wouldn’t eat if you paid me. It promises much with its tugging guitar sounds, followed by a horrendous attempt to do an Elliott Smith, which fails miserably. The title track and closer is much more of the same – dull.

Something must be wrong when the most interesting parts of this EP are the samples used and the addition of other instruments such as the cello heard on ‘In Your Own Sweet Way’.

Having come from an interesting cultural background and his supposed influences, I was led to expect an EP with a bit more substance, and with most tracks tipping the five minute mark, I promise you, you will go searching for the skip button.

Valediction is explained perfectly by the man himself on ‘Jacques Cousteau’ – ‘Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing’.

-Gavin Bevan

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  • Edward January 22nd, 2012 5:58 pm

    Wow, harsh review. I don’t think six years and Jacques Cousteau are bad tracks at all. I don’t hear the Nick Drake influences though.

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