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Friday Mixtape #5: New Villager

Well well well. We haven’t done a Friday mixtape in a while, and now we’re going to remind you of why you missed it so much. Although this was initally set for you all last week, technical issues meant that we’re only able to give it to you today.

We have an exclusive mixtape by New Villager, which really is available to download here.

Here’s what Ross had to say about it:
“The NewVillager mythology is a lens. You can look at anything through it: the process of water turning into ice, the last bad day you had, a Miley Cyrus single. It’s like the scientific method – you can apply it in all sorts of ways. Usually, we use it to make things but it also works for interpreting things like nature or pre-existing art. On this mixtape, I looked at the Steven Soderberg film, Erin Brockovich through the mythos, and used ten songs to illustrate the audio clips. Almost like a children’s book- first you get the text, then you get the colors and images to enhance it.”

It’s a beaut. Happy Friday everyone!

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