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Band of the Week Introducing: Caged Animals

Band of the Week to round off September is Caged Animals, aka the newest creation of Vincent Cocchione. Some out there might know Brooklyn-based Cocchione for his darker Soft Black. However, with his new band, Caged Animals he decided on lyrics that would give a giggle and harmonies that can make you bounce.

Vincent’s first band, Soft Black, had its first release back in 2005 with Ramblin’ Down a Dead End Street, and the music was mostly felt to be going against the common sound coming out of Brooklyn at the time, paired with lyrics that usually dealt with nightmares, only to be followed by the stunning Blue Gold that was the product of Cocchoine’s time taking care of his ailing mother. The condition didn’t exactly make for happy songs, but the album was absolutely stunning in its raw emotion and honesty. Following it was just as brilliant The Earth is Black in 2009.

However, there’s only so long you stay in the gloom before you need a bit of bounce- hence the project Caged Animals. The album is full of crazy rhythms- seen best in first single, ‘Teflon Heart.’ There’s still the honesty of Soft Black, but it’s cushioned with a brighter outlook and warmer textures backing up Vincent’s wiry vocals.

In interviews Vincent has mentioned that intimate, yet more electronic sound of Caged Animals comes from the recording process. The album was recorded mostly at his home and, in his words, he lives in a busy Hispanic neighbourhood, which meant he had to shy away from using too many instruments that required microphones. The resulting sound is bursting with energy, but with a slightly held back feeling- as if a there’s an extra layer of energy waiting to burst forth and the combating forces only makes more of  a textured sound.

Caged Animals is not just Vincent Cocchoine’s, but has turned into a family affair, with help from his French-Canadian partner Magali Charron, his little sister Talya- classically  trained in violin, and old friend Pat Curry. It only adds to the warmth of the project and with so many sad tales behind him, it’s nice to see Vincent has something happy to sing about.

For more info go to Caged Animals.net!

-Stevie Pearce

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