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LFW: Meadham Kirchhoff – Show Report

From past seasons experience and the sight of Anna Wintour’s Mercedes nosing its way through the assembled throng, we knew that Meadham Kirchhoff was going to be a spectacular show, and this season did not disappoint. Kicking off with some well-received Spice Girls over the PA system to counteract the delays, the designers had refitted the Waterloo space with an enormous gold curtain and great soaring arcs of sorbet-coloured balloons. The show didn’t stop with set dressing; in true Meadham style, out came a group of 20 nymphs who were soon can-canning all over the centre of the catwalk, leaving clouds of glittery powder in their wake. The dancing girls were swiftly followed by a cute-as-anything troupe of ballerina girls that melted the hearts of even the steeliest of Fashion Editors. The finale was behind the golden curtain; it dropped to reveal 4 models and a twirling jewellery-box ballerina. It was a show that thrilled all the people there and absolutely made day 5 worth the effort. The clothes, you say? Oh yes; nearly got distracted there. The collection’s riot of colours, textures and shapes was echoed by the performance; multiple layers, stiff brocades and contrast fur drapery adding a dramatic element to the playful tones. Suede gauntlets and Swarovski-and-glitter covered geisha sandals were the standout accessories, but the overall effect was more than a sum of its parts. It wasn’t the showmanship of Meadham Kirchhoff that made Anna Wintour smile (SMILE!) and clap; it was the inventiveness of the designers and the beauty of the garments that they produced. After all, if the Gods (of fashion) smile upon you, then you must be doing something right.

-Seb Law

-Photographer: James Hawley

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