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BOTW Album Review: Caged Animals- ‘Eat Their Own’

First release from BOTW Caged Animal (although it’s technically the 4th release from main-man Vincent Cacchione), titled Eat Their Own, comes from the people of Lucky Number. As it was mentioned in the introduction for Caged Animals, this project is sort of the happier twin from Cacchione after his introspective and dark releases from previous band Soft Black. Where Soft Black is more about nightmares, Caged Animal has moments of doo-op and lyrics that serve to put a smile on your face.

With of comforting chimes on opener ‘Teenagers in Heat,’ turning into rolling drums and then Cacchione a few keys higher than his voice goes for the rest of album, has a summer beauty to it that brings back memories of riding bikes when you’re 14 or 15 with a that someone special at sunset- it just glides along.  While the rest of album picks up and becomes more of a party- with next track, ‘This Summer I’ll Make It Up To You’ opening lines of ‘They broke my heart into a thousand diamonds, so I’m going to where the sun is always shining.’ The lyrics have a dash of Cocchione’s signature melancholy, it is about a broken heart after all, but with a more upbeat and all around shinier imagery that makes the song all around feel good!

With first single ‘Teflon Heart’ the lyrics can only make you giggle with their fun rhythms and lovely harmonies. What’s most refreshing about the project is while many artists will go on about how they don’t want their projects to be compared, Cacchione actually encourages it. He feels that Caged Animals is the yin to Soft Black’s yang, and to understand his music completely listening to both projects is encouraged.

It’s a fun, glittery album that with its September release comes out the perfect time to keep summer going.

Caged Animals Eat Their Own is out now!

-Stevie Pearce

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