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PFW: Limi Feu – Show Report

Limi Feu’s SS12 show began with a political statement: the first model carried a giant banner proclaiming the need for qualified doctors in Japan, however the audience might have responded more enthusiastically to the appeal had the words been written on a giant electric fan. If not the audience, at least the collection exuded freshness and the cool breeze of spring.

As the daughter of Yoyji Yamamoto, Limi did not stray far from her Japanese roots showcasing a mainly monochrome palette of voluminous shapes and minimalist forms. Nautical jackets with sailor collars and oversized buttons were followed by a sequence of colour, including a yellow circus dress.

Opposing blocks of colour, even in tights with each limb in a different shade, made duality a dominant theme of the collection, with the occasional exposed star-shaped nipple cover keeping the tone upbeat and a little cheeky.

The models’ long, rockabilly ponytails swung in time to a bopping soundtrack, with favourite face Charlotte Free dominating the catwalk as usual with her signature swagger, her presence underlining the show with a ‘coolest girl in the school’ attitude. And like that girl, Limi Feu’s collection demands attention.

-Imogen Roy

-Images: FASHION156

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