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Interview: TOWIE’s Lydia Bright

The Planet Notion team love nothing more than suspending their natural instincts that rambunctiously scream ‘step away from ITV2 on Sunday and Wednesday at 10.15pm.’ But the fake tans, bounty of bodycon attire and glamorous big hair on The Only Way Is Essex draws us in like magpies to tinfoil every time. So when we unearthed this golden interview footage of TOWIE’s Lydia Bright and our very own Bronya Francis whilst rifling through old LFW folders, we just had to share these micro pig musings.

Planet Notion: Do you still have Mr Darcy?

Lydia Bright: We do, we do. My mum went away for a month to Italy and he went into piggy kennel and they really over fed him so he is now twice the size. He is literally like a barrel. He’s good though, but just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

PN: So you can’t pick him up anymore?

LB: Nope, you definitely can’t. And if he walks into you then he will probably bruise you. My little sister sits on him now and he takes her for little rides around the garden. He’s like a Shetland pony rather than a pig.

PN: Do you just keep him in your garden then?

LB: We used to take him for little walks as we had a pig harness and a pig walking license but he’s far too big now so we can’t do it anymore.

PN: I can’t believe you can get pig licenses.

LB: Yeah, they’re normally just for micro pigs but Mr Darcy would be the biggest pig to walk the streets. He’s really stubborn now when it comes to walking. He used to be really good with walking but now we have to tempt him along with carrots. So someone has to stand in front of him running with carrots to make Mr Darcy run after them – kind of like Hansel and Gretel with the breadcrumbs. We’ve now just given up trying to take him for walks so he just crashes in the garden and ruins all the flower beds.

- Bronya Francis

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