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Club Beat #21: Preview – DANCE

DANCE, the seminal collaboration between choreographer Lucinda Childs, composer Philip Glass, and visual artist Sol LeWitt, comes to the Barbican.

Originally created in 1979 and rarely seen, this exceptional performance has been termed ‘a visionary work… a shimmering edifice of sound, image and action’ (The Guardian). And it is these three parts that will consume the audience. Choreographed by Lucinda Childs, renowned for her use of patterns and repetition, DANCE comprises of three dances, each roughly twenty minutes in length. These abstract movements are encapsulated by a projection of LeWitt’s monochrome film showing sections of the dance sometimes enlarged, sometimes viewed from different angles and sometimes duplicated. These manipulations cause the live dancers and the filmed dancers to appear to interact. These visual elements are set against Philip Glass’ score. A composer of ‘music with repetitive structures’, Philip Glass’ music is captivating and euphoric. With movement, sight and sound synchronised perfectly, this is ‘a hypnotic performance’ (Time Out) and a historical performance not to be missed.

Catch DANCE at the Barbican Centre, London:  http://vimeo.com/26760546

Dates: 18th-22nd October 2011

Performance time: 8pm

Running time: 1 hour

For tickets (£16-£34), go to: https://www.barbican.org.uk/eticketing/performancelist.asp?shoid=33862

-Ann Bartholomew
-Image: Sally Cohn

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