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Live Review: Spector @ Bungalow & Bears

Fred Macpherson’s third attempt at pop-stardom looks promising as Spector arrived at Bungalow & Bears in Sheffield. The five-piece squeezed on to the tiny stage and filled a half hour set with infectious indie pop songs accompanied with regular hand-clapping moments and shouty chorus’, winning over new fans with ease. The sharply dressed group played with beaming smiles on their faces as they welcomed the warm reaction from the Steel City crowd, whilst Fred’s in-between song banter was witty and unnervingly charming.

The set was jam packed with memorable hooks but it was the closing number that received the biggest reaction. ‘Never Fade Away,’ the band’s debut single brought crowd members hands together in time with music whilst their vocal chords shouted back the chorus louder than the band could voice it themselves, it felt like one of those moments where it all just clicked. If they have an album’s worth of material up to the same standards as those that have become live favourites, notably ‘Chevy Thunder’ and ‘Celestine,’ then Spector will no doubt out live the singer’s previous projects and a fresh sound will take to the indie disco dance floors.

-Matt Pinder

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