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BOTW Interview: Beaty Heart

For their third day on PlanetNotion, our BOTW Beaty Heart answers a few questions of ours that we’ve been dying to ask.  From eating The Rapture’s entire cheese board, to drinking Calpol infested slush puppy’s, Beaty Heart gives us an insight into how they came to be, their influences, tours and their future plans.

PlanetNotion: Firstly, how did Beaty Heart come to be?

Beaty Heart: We are all friends from our school days and we used to play music together and be in bands together over that time. Then we all went to different colleges in London and formed this band and used to practice in James’ old bedroom with no windows.

PN: Who chose the name Beaty Heart and what’s the meaning behind it?

BH: I don’t know who suggested it as the band name in the first place, but I remember it had something to do with a private joke or some made-up phrase we used to say at the time, but it seems to have lost connection to that now. I feel like the words Beaty Heart have no real meaning or point of reference to anything in particular which is probably the reason it kind of works as a band name in my opinion, because rather than being a pop culture reference or something ironic or funny it kind of allows people to make their own meaning out of it. Also the words look nice when you write them next to each other or on top of each other because they contain some of the same letters and are roughly the same size. But yeah it is a pretty stupid name though.

PN: Being a three-piece band with all drummers, what’s it like writing your music?

BH: The ‘all of them are drummers’ tag we seem to have isn’t really true. Only James and Charlie play drums, but they are both good at playing other instruments too. It seems like James can play mostly all instruments up to a good level actually.

PN: Your music has its own sound. Could you name a few inspirations you have taken on that have helped make your music sound the way it is?

BH: We all like the same music pretty much, we all like lots of dub and calypso and hip hop. We discovered this blog called Awesome Tapes From Africa back in first year, which is a dude who puts up all these old African cassettes he and others have collected, and they pretty much played in our house around the clock for two years. The music on that blog was probably the most important influence when we started out. I’m listening mostly to hip hop at the moment, and I feel like a lot of the new stuff we’re trying at the moment has elements of that in it, particularly in regards to some of the new demos we’ve done in the way the vocals are structured. People often mention Animal Collective in relation to our sound which is cool because we all think they are great, also bands like Olivia Tremor Control, Growing, Ariel Pink, Deerhunter, Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice are all sick, and Lucky Dragons, who do this whole interactive live music thing, they are a must-see, because they hand out all these weird plugged-in trinkets to the crowd which affects the music you are hearing live, its seriously clever. It’s actually really tough answering this question because there is an infinite list of inspirations, but I guess those are some of the more obvious ones.

PN: What was it like going from playing at House Parties to then joining ‘The Rapture’ on tour, and could you name one of your most memorable moments of the tour?

BH: It was pretty weird because they were a band that we had listened to a little bit in our school days, and probably the only legitimate ‘rockstars’ we’ve played with. We’ve been to Paris twice now and each time we have been treated extremely well, given delicious casseroles and other culinary delights etc, so it’s been my favourite city to play in so far for sure. It was all pretty memorable but i dont really recall anything particularly zany or kooky happening. However at the first show I ate a large portion of the Raptures cheese board thinking it was for everyone to share!!!! hahahaha! Who’s the goof hey guys!?

PN: Are you excited for your debut EP “Slush Puppy/Cola” launch on October 24th?

BH: We’re obviously hyped for the release, seems like it has taken ages just to get it out though, but I guess that’s just the way it works.

PN: Are you pleased with how your EP turned out, is there anything you would have liked to add or improve?

BH: We’re all very pleased with it. But the songs on it feel pretty old now- we recorded the basic tracks back in March, and Cola was like the first song we ever wrote, and I’ve heard them all so many times now that I can’t really be objective about it anymore.

PN: Your EP features a song titled ‘Slush Puppy’ which you recently made a video for. You obviously share a passion for visual arts, what was it like making the video?

BH: It was a good day! Charlie and James deal with the video work, and Charlie did most of the filming and editing for Slush Pup. We don’t have very much money so we managed to do it for about £5- we bought a big tub of ‘aqueous cream’ and some food colouring for £4 and spent the remaining budget on one of the most revolting slush puppy’s (I think there was Calpol in it or some shit) from our local shop in Peckham. It was the last day of that weird October heatwave we just had and everyone was feeding off the sunshine and feeling happy and full of sunbeams which is why the footage looks so bright and summery.

PN:  Seeing as I’ve never seen you in action I hear that visuals make up a cornerstone of your live sets, how do you link the love for video art into your live set?

BH: Sometimes we project prepared videos on the background of our shows, structured according to our setlist, but we can’t always do it as we don’t always have a lot of time to prepare them, or some venues don’t have the right equipment. When we did the launch for our first single 2 Good we had like 4 projectors in the room at the same time, and all the sequences were triggered live by a friend of ours, who made it look amazing. That’s definitely something the guys want to work into our set somehow- the idea of the visuals responding directly to the music live.

PN: So you’ve spent the past few months working on the EP, what next? Any specific plans for tours, music, video making…ect?

BH: We’re doing the Vice tour in November, going to Nottingham, Brighton and Bristol which should be sick. We did some live tracks for Huw Stephens which we’re quite excited to show people. Hopefully once the show has aired we’ll be able to put them up online somewhere so people can hear them if they want to. James and Charlie are both working on videos for the other two songs on the EP, so hopefully we can get them out soon too. We also co-wrote a track with Johan from the very best, which is nearly done, and he is just like the coolest guy so it was great to get to work with him. We basically have a bunch of reem new songs we are ready to record but I’m not sure how quite yet!


- Tom Morse

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