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Exclusive Video Premiere: La Shark – ‘Magazine Cover’

Prepare for blood, vomit, suicide and more blood in La Sharks spanking new video. What more would you expect from these frenetic psych-popsters?  Those of you luckily enough to be accustomed to La Shark’s off-kilter melodies will know nobody quite blurs the lines between genres like they do.

So unsurprisingly, translating their exciting compendium of synth sonic to video has resulted in this head tilting in perplexity hubbub. Trust us – you won’t see anything this outlandish for the next six months and the track’s springy rhythms will most certainly be trapped inside your head for the unforeseeable future.

Just remember you saw it here first folks.

F.Y.I: the single is released November 14th and the band will be performing at 93 Feet East, London this Saturday (October 29th)

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