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Fave Fives of the Week #11

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, am pleased to say I have some quality Fave Fives to share with you that include the exceptional Jill English and Pam Hogg. As well as the making of the Sket movie soundtrack theme video…

1. Jill English – Fine Artist – Kansas, USA

Jill English is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary talent, at five years old Jill painted a seascape at her mother’s home art studio when she discovered that Jill’s work was as good as the rest of the adult class, and the rest is history. She mainly uses a mix of organic materials, coffee grounds, rose petals etc. as she loves texture.

I asked Jill about her inspirations: “I’m inspired by human beauty. Not just traditional beauty. I am inspired by desire, strength and resilience.” She also said “I like painting with a back story. An image that seems to say something.” During the short time I’ve known Jill, I’ve realised she represents all that inspires her.

She has collectors all over the world, but up till now her work is mainly sold in the states. Good news is her online store launches this week.  Her artwork is phenomenal and a surefire investment. www.jillenglish.com

“Dragonfly 2” – oil on canvas

2. Making of the Sket Movie Theme video – Park View, Regents Park

This project was for the British film Sket’s theme song called ‘Takeover’. The artists involved were the UK’s biggest Grime artists – Shystie, Ghetts and Nolay. The location was breathtaking; a converted ménage owned by the Crown Estate in Regents Park. It was a long and rewarding day. The production crew were a handsome bunch who brought their A-game of expertise and organisation. The artists, the Revolver film team, make-up artists all did the same. We worked in total cohesion with no diva dramas.

My role was to bring in a high fashion wardrobe. I had discussed with the film’s writer and director Nirpal Bhogal about a ‘perfect contradiction’ to the film (an urban thriller). The artists initially thought they would be in ‘urban’ wear; jeans, trainers, hoodies etc. I had just got back from Paris fashion week and wanted to bring forth the inspiration. Different, yes but why limit this genre to Adidas or Nike?! I used some incredible British designers and it worked brilliantly – I became quite emotional at points, and gained an insight into the world of Grime music.

The video was released the day before the Sket premiere at London Film Festival and it’s getting major hits. See it here on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWv5cbu1oc8&sns=em

3. Pam Hogg ‘Notre Dames’ SS12 – Espace Commines, Paris

This was my first visit to Paris Fashion Week and my main priority was Pam Hogg’s show. She is the truth of British Fashion and I was eager to see if she’d stay true in Paris. My time in Paris was fantastic from start to finish.  One of the highlights was lunch at a brasserie that was on the same stretch of road as uber-cool designer store – Collette. The name escapes me so I’ll call it the ‘Supermodel’ restaurant. Every single waiter was drop dead gorgeous with great individual style. The food wasn’t bad either….

Collette was packed, turned out that Carine Roitfeld and Terry Richardson were having a book signing.  My friend Wendy and I were not interested in the slightest – it was all about Pam. It was our fourth show of the day and the excitement felt like our first. When we arrived at the venue, the amount of Brits in the crowd made me proud, which included Dame Vivienne Westwood. Lots of support and love for this legend of British Fashion. It was an amazing show. Take a look: http://www.onoff.tv/season/sept11/paris/pam-hogg.html

4. New African Fashion book by Helen Jennings

Written by British journalist Helen Jennings, New African Fashion (£19.99) celebrates all that Africa contributes to the Western world’s fashion stage and features some of the marvellous designers in that space: Kwame Brako to Tiffany Amber.

The press release speaks of ‘this new exciting fashion development’ this is where I disagree as the style and beauty of African fashion has always been there. What I believe has shifted is the focus on African models to authentic acknowledgement of Africa’s existing talents and influences on the global fashion world – which this book does really well.

This is a beautiful book that I hope serves as a positive catalyst for many more. Maybe one day I’ll write one from a British/Ghanaian perspective  – you never know… http://newafricanfashion.com/how-to-buy/

5. Strivectin-TL Tightening face serum

I was very excited to receive this product, as this brand is an innovator in beauty. I decided to use it on my stomach and thighs (to give it a real test), areas in desperate need of tightening unlike my face. My mum has been using it on her face. Results came through after two weeks and we’ve both seen fantastic results. It’s a decent 50ml size and a little goes a long way.

I’ll review and introduce the face cream of the same range before the year-end. This product is a higher price point at £79 but trust me it’s well worth it. Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Space NK stock this cult beauty range.

I’ve embraced the new experiences I’ve encountered and will continue to, as I heard some very sad news this week. A brilliant and beautiful young lady Kirsten Scott I used to work closely with passed away from cancer at just 25yrs old. I thought back on some of the things I knew she achieved/embraced in her young life. In the short time I knew her I never ever saw her miserable – she always had a genuine smile on her face. For those of us who don’t appreciate life – start now. Take a leaf out of Kirsten’s positive outlook on life.

Until next time.

Stay happy, stay karma.

Camille AdomakohKarma-Style




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