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Interview And Video Stream: Ruby Goe – ‘Get On It’

Singer Ruby Goe hasn’t had a day off since ‘forever’ as she spends most of her waking hours in the studio working her socks off to create infectious, fresh sounds for her debut album. But today the charmingly animated Ruby is being treated to some much overdue chillaxing time. And after doing heaps of washing this morning, she spent her afternoon sipping lattes and nattering away to Caroline Jackson about the new video for her song ‘Get On It’, and what she’s been up to since supporting Black Eyed Peas last year.

PN: For our readers who don’t know about you, can you tell us what inspired your foray into music?

Ruby Goe: I’ve always sung and I’ve always been crazy into music. My dad is a real keen jazz fan and loves soul and Motown. Growing up you know how a lot of families always just sit around the TV? Well my family would always have all sorts of different music on constantly and that’s exactly what I’m like now.

PN: So how did it all start?

RG: My ex-boyfriend is a guitarist and I used to do a lot of writing with him when we met at college. When we started he’d do sessions on guitar and I’d do sessions on vocals and we were just in the right crowd of musicians. Then I did some vocal sessions for a few other people and started working with a couple of producers and it went from there. I’m still really good friends with my ex so we continue to write together.

PN: The new single ‘Get On It’ narrates an evening of partying and hedonism. What’s the wildest night out you’ve had?

RG: *Laughs* Oh God. I’ve got a really bad memory from my nights out. It’s mainly the flashbacks in the morning that kill me. You know when you wake up and get that drunken dread and wish the whole earth will swallow you up because of something horrendous you did the night before? Yeah that’s me. I’m like ‘aah no, did I do that? Did I say that?’ The two girls in the music video are my friends and there was a time for about two years up until recently where we went partied all the time and ‘gettin’ on it’ is what we’d call our nights out so the song just sums up a typical night out.

PN: What do you think about people comparing you to the likes of Lykke Li, Robyn and Santigold?

RG: I think it’s wicked. I love female vocalists, I love interesting songs and I love interesting artists. I don’t think my music is straight up anything because I’m into all sorts of music. I have really varied influences like minimal house and I used to be a real jungle head when I was younger. Obviously I really love jazz, which reflects in my melodies and I love pop so there’s a real mix. My music is alternative pop and it’s alternative dance and those three artists are all of those things so I’m happy to be sat next to them.

PN: Having recently collaborated with Stanton Warriors, are there any other artists you’d love to work with?

RG: Loads, absolutely loads. Obviously I’d love to work with Kanye West. But I’d also like to work with Robyn and Chilly Gonzales. I’m listening a lot to Patrick Wolf and Bon Iver too so a collaboration with them would be great.  And people like Digitalism and Justice – I think they do great, massive dance tracks. Oh and Phoenix and MGMT – sorry, basically just anyone who will have me because you never know what will happen in the studio. I’ve worked with people who are much more heavy guitar based, whereas I’m more beat driven and edgier in my production but you can make amazing songs from having synergy with someone who’s completely different from who you usually work with.

PN: Your debut album is out next year, so what should we expect to hear from it?

RG: You can expect alternative pop, alternative dance, big tunes, and big choruses – just a lot of fun. For me music is about letting off some steam and having a good time.

PN: There’s also a mention of you writing music for some bands too, can you tell us who?

RG: I’ve been writing for a couple of girl bands and it’s been really good. The music industry is very up and down at the moment so you tend not to say anything until it’s done and set in stone. But collaborating with the Stanton Warriors was wicked. I went on tour with them last year and they had a number one in Australia with a track I wrote. I’ve also just collaborated with Dominique Young Unique who is this upcoming rapper from Tampa. We wrote a tune called ‘Life of A Party’ and it’s going to be out in the New Year. She’s very talented and very different so is going to do really well.

PN: You’ve done quite a lot already then as last year you also supported Black Eyed Peas and worked with some super influential DJs. What’s been your highlight so far?

RG: Definitely performing at the o2 – that was pretty big because it all happened in a day. Those guys have a lot of energy and I like the way they work because they just go for it. That’s how music should be – energetic, exciting and spontaneous. You can get too bogged down with the sound you’re trying to create and the look you’re trying to go for but it should be just like ‘we’re just going to write this song and if we love it, we love it and if the beat’s wicked we’ll play this tonight’.

PN: Speaking of looks, do you have a stylist because you’re always looking pretty sleek.

RG: No, I just wear whatever is clean and I also like to mix things up. I’m definitely a trainer girl, I have millions of them. I love a bit of vintage and I’m a big American Apparel fan too. I’m also quite into jewellery like Bex Rox as it’s just really cool and easy to wear. I actually have my own jewellery line that I’ve been working on for a year and a half called BYROGUE.

PN: Gosh, you’re a very busy girl.

RG: Yeah but it’s good and it all bounces off each other. I’m kind of feeling the strain of it now though as both my jewellery line and music are kicking off at once.

PN: What comes first for you – jewellery or music?

RG: Always music. It’s what I think about as soon as I wake up and it’s what I go to bed thinking about and you can’t deny yourself that feeling.

PN: What are you most looking forward to for 2012?

RG: I can’t wait to play some shows. I have a really great band and the sound will come across really well live. I’ve got a show coming up this week which is a Puma and Grazia event and then there’s a BBC Introducing sessions in November, oh wait, it is November, so yeah, in a few weeks. I’m just picking the right bits to do but next year there’s going to be a lot more from me.

PN: How will you be spending the rest of your rare day off?

RG: I’m going to a shoot now for designer Mr & Mr’s lookbook. There’s going to be 20 sexy men involved so I’m going to go and help out by rubbing oil onto them. The amazing fashion photographer Thomas Knight is filming so it’s going to be so slick.

- Caroline Jackson

Click here to view the riotously wild video to Ruby’s brand spanking new single ‘Get On It’, which is released today.

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