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Introducing our BOTW: St.Lucia

From growing up in the suburbs of Johannesburg to attending the famous Drakensberg Boys Choir School …this idyllic Harry Potter-esque music boarding school already helps puts him in the same category of writing class as Sir Paul McCartney. Travelling then across the UK and over the Atlantic where he would eventually settle in Brooklyn (USA) and find HeavyRoc records

Yes it’s that time again …You know what’s coming up next – This week PlanetNotion is proud to present ‘St.Lucia’. With a name picked from the put-a-pen-somewhere-on-a-map-with-your-eyes-closed game, this South African born, Brooklyn based vocalist; producer and multi-instrumentalist is definitely someone to be excited about…

With an empowering synth-pop sound that cascades out of your speakers in a colourful whirl of steel drums and airy, expansive vocals, the South African upbringing of the artist oozes its influence through every one of his songs. And with a powerful overlap of chanting vocals and tribal drums that echo around your eardrums and run through your body, defying you not to dance, there is an unmistakable eighties edge to his sound that seems to be so popular with musicians today. But where many fail, St. Lucia succeeds… a definite recommendation.

-Tom Morse

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