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Winter of Love Mixtape

Stroll On Records have compiled a new mixtape to warm your cold, wintery souls. Stroll On is a brand spanking new record label that was formed in the Summer of this year. Thus far, they’ve released some cracking 7 and 12″s from Acid Glasses and Pyramid Vritra; the folks at Stroll On say they specialise in “Stoner Pop Jams,” and so you can rely on their new compilation, Winter Of Love, to bring back your memories of hazy lazy Summer days. The mixtape includes tracks from artists who you should keep your eyes peeled for in 2012, such as Mafia Lights, Halls and Seams. Download Winter of Love here. For the full tracklisting see below:

1. Sugarglider – Nobody
2. Silky Johnson – Ashes
3. Mafia Lights – West
4. Halls x Seams – Focus Energy
5. Pyramid Vritra – Roquett Chelle
6. Ev4n Holt – Loser
7. Ela Orleans – Elegy
8. The Range Of Light Wilderness
9. Joy & Revolution – Got Sad
10. Ben Sommers – Tunnel
11. Monster Rally – Jaguar

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