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Exclusive Video Premiere: Ursa Minor – ‘Droplet Affection’

Be one of the first to experience the euphoric chill of Ursa Minor’s innovative string of electro pop with this freshly made visually provocative exclusive. Literally dripping with fluorescent neon bliss, this explosive video features the London four-piece in a Cyberdog infested realm where glow sticks leak in abundance from up above. It’s as though a gang of Central Saint Martins’ freshers have raided the art cupboard after eating one too many skittles, creating not just a droplet of wonder, but a pure fountain of kaleidoscopic splendour.

And with their influences ranging from the golden age of House to Kate Bush, Fever Ray and Bjork, it’s no wonder they’re establishing themselves as ones to watch for 2012. For even more Ursa Minor delight, check out our interview and their exclusive mixtape from last week.

The single ‘Droplet Affection’ is available next Monday, December 5th and can be purchased via iTunes.

Ursa Minor ‘Droplet Affection’ from Ursa Minor (Little Bear) on Vimeo.

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  • William E Lester December 30th, 2011 6:04 pm

    Droplet Affection by Ursa Minor is delicious! Gabby Cooke’s emotive visual delivery and lush, haunting vocals leave you wanting more and more! Well done:)

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