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Watching Paint Dry #1 – ‘Horror’

After the side of Maison Notion was tagged by a mysterious man painting the word ‘Horror’ all the way up our fire escape, we decided that we’d take direct action. Turns out one of our mates is an expert on graffiti, and lo – we done a commission. Over the coming weeks and months, he’ll be talking to some of LDN’s most notorious street artists and telling us where to look for the best in street art in the capital.

Street art and Graffiti is a vast landscape these days. Stretching the globe and continuously expanding, it is in effect the largest cultural art movement on the planet. And our fair city of London is at its forefront. London is caked in layers and layers of paint, ink, stickers, paste ups and scrawls. Whether you like it or not, it’s not going anywhere. And if anything, it grows by the day. Boris will run his “Buff Mafia” up and down the tracksides and streets again and again as we approach the 2012 Olympic Games, but it is safe to say paint is still going to go up on these walls, street furniture and anything that can be written on.

It is tremendously difficult to paint London tracksides these days, let alone running trains, especially tubes. However the fearless will still manage to climb and hustle their way into the most un-accessible of spots. Graffiti is a full contact sport and like all full contact sports it gets dangerous. But nonetheless, the fame calls. For example the notoriously difficult to reach area outside Liverpool Street station got a good seeing to recently by artists “Rowdy” and “Horror”. This gigantic piece (see header image) got the graf blogs twitching and myself personally intrigued as to who these cats are. Already familiar with “Rowdy”, it was the other artist that caught my eye the most. Once aware of the name “Horror”, it seemed to appear everywhere before my eyes. Particularly in and around the graf playground that is East London. The ever hot backstreets of Shoreditch and all round the car parks underneath the new overground train fly over is particularly active at the moment. Our very own Notion office sits near this area and got paid a visit by the “Horror” him/herself recently.

The spiral staircase on the side of the building that was only cleaned recently got a slapping of big red tags all the way up. Wonder where’s next? We will try and keep you posted. Speaking of which, I shall be dropping by every Monday here on Planet Notion to feed you a fresh dose of London and UK Graffiti and Street art. Expect flicks and news of tags, dubs, pieces, burners, steel, tracksides, walls, stickers, paste ups, stencils and all sorts of inky fingered goodness straight from the source. There will even be some interviews with a few legends along the way. So I shall see ya next week. Now go and write your name on something in the street. It will make you feel good. Ah go on, you might like it.

- Seeds

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