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Joe Brummell #21 – Fit for a King?

In the wake of Movember, the streets are bereft of the sea of moustaches that only a few days ago were turning heads and keeping lips warm. For some the foray into the world of facial hair was an eye opening one and there are still a few moustaches around that haven’t yet outstayed their welcome. So now that charity isn’t the cause and we’re down to a matter of style how do we keep these ‘taches looking good and make sure no-one thinks we’ve just lost our calendar? Well, thankfully, Remington has teamed up with the King of Shaves to create the ultimate facial hair groomer. The humble beard trimmer once offered only a limited range of lengths and certainly didn’t account for the variety of facial hairstyles that men can create. Stubble for instance, is one of those looks that need to happen organically, you have to plan ahead – or do you?

Remington’s Beard and Goatee Stubble Groomer has been specially designed to allow you to create an effortless stubble look, with all the precision and skill you’d expect from a product using the expertise of both Remington and King of Shaves.  The blades are coated in titanium, a set of attachments allows for trimming hair at 0.5 – 12mm and enough kit to allow for some serious detailed styling. The Beard and Goatee Stubble Groomer is rechargeable, it comes with a charging stand and a cordless battery life of 40 minutes. There’s a beard comb for anyone rocking a Brian Blessed style and if that’s not enough they even throw in some King of Shaves face balm. This is essential kit for anyone with facial hair of any kind, moustaches, goatees, sideburns…in fact if you don’t have any of these things, now’s the time to grow them.

- Warren Beckett

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