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Gunsmoke and Lavender

Fresh to the fashion scene, Gunsmoke and Lavendar are making waves with their boundary pushing menswear that retains a special, classic tailoring for effortless pizzazz. Each of these unique grunge garments fuse human emotions with associated colours to create visually striking pieces that juxtapose hard and soft textures which make you swoon with fervor.

Designed by Jo Hawtree and shot by Old Street station, this editorial presents the innovative use of pattern cutting and fabric choice against dark and light urban backdrops for a stark contrast which accentuates the immensely strong silhouettes.


Photography – Kaye Ford (Fordtography - www.fordtography.wordpress.com)

Clothing – Gunsmoke and Lavender menswear designed by Jo Hawtree

Styling – Jo Hawtree of G&L

Make-up – Rowenna Gill

Models – Henry and Luke of AMCK Models

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